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Our Journey

In 2004, Impress Infotainment embarked on a creative journey, specializing in brochure designs, web designs, and advertisement film production. The evolution continued in 2009 with the establishment of Netapples Interactives, marking the foray into the digital realm. The synergy of Impress Infotainment and Netapples Interactives reached its pinnacle in 2020, birthing Imprezz Innolabs. Under the visionary leadership of Ajith Raj, Founder & CEO, overseeing Projects and Creatives, and co-founder Lakshmi Raj, the Management Head, Imprezz Innolabs is at the forefront of 360 Branding Solutions.

Our repertoire includes brand strategies, digital media management and promotions, web solutions, performance marketing, and audio-visual production, spanning corporate films and brand consultancy. Catering to a diverse clientele in India and the Middle East, our dedicated team, characterized by commitment and creativity, forms the backbone of our success.

At Imprezz Innolabs, we approach clients as partners, cherishing enduring relationships and welcoming opportunities to innovate and deliver impactful results.

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